Game world
Game occurs in the Universe to galaxies, galaxies in turn share on constellations, constellations share on star systems with planets. In game there will be some planets at different constellations of the Universe, with game locations, the player can move on all these available planetary worlds.
In game real characters occupying the world of the installed Dune will coexist. The landscape of planets will be quite various - from rotten bogs and the dense wood to big fields and mountains. Some planets will have on some continents.

Great and small houses, awards, guilds etc
In game there will be an empire and everything the emperor will govern. The emperor will give out the right to possession of planets - to Great and Small houses, Guilds or Awards. Each planet is the one or several cities and territories adjoining to them.
On planets there can live characters of various races and any belongings to houses or awards under condition of full loyalty between these Houses or Awards.
In the world "Lords of the Dune" there is a concept of nationality - when the character becomes the citizen of this or that House, the House helps it and protects it, but for it each character should bear duties, for example, to pay taxes House or to be at war on the party of this House.

At each House the style, architecture, culture. At game there will be four main Great houses: house Corrino (emperor), house Atreides, Harkonnen house and house Vernius.
Small houses will be in dependence and submission (vassal), from any of Great houses. There will be guilds and Awards, for example such as an award Bene Gesserit or Tleilaxu, and also players can live and without nationality (if it is possible to them certainly).
From NPS at game will be present Fremen, guild of Navigators and not only...

The characters operated by AI, will treat differently representatives of different Houses (we will try not to leave from rules of the world of the Dune, described in books). Though who isn't insured from emergence in game of Houses, distinct from four above described.
In the world "Lords of the Dune" aren't present racial wars literally this word. The conflict develops round opposition of Great and Small houses, intrigues of guilds and awards.