01.02.12-Version 0.0.20 beta
It was decided to make page of an entrance in English and Russian languages.
Also the language choice is present now on page of registration and
the choice of the female character (man's by default) is added.
Debugging of modules proceeds.

21.12.11 - Version 0.0.15 beta
Our project is live and develops. Certainly develops not so quickly as it would be desirable, but...
Modules for creation of the big city where it will be possible to live, work and develop are at present assembled.
Now there is a debugging of each module according to declared the plan demand and taking into account requirements "concept document". With contents of vysheozvuchenny documents, it is possible will familiarize, having been registered on our site UgraGames

14.11.10-Version 0.0.1 beta
The decision was made that we will start to realize our project (browser game) on a modular cursor - ezRPG. The game plot, also as well as the name, at this stage to be disclosed - won't be.
Watch in news about promotion of our project.