Throne of a lion (Emperor Saudir I, Korino's house), Guild of Navigators (Luminus Prayenuntiantisa's Case) and KHOAM (Cartel of Negotiators and Carriers of the goods) as the representative of Great houses - by negotiations create a new form of human society - the Guild World.
From this point chronology is designated as: before negotiations - the world without guild (B.G.), after negotiations - the guild world (G.M.)

The guild of navigators possesses monopoly for bank operations and transportation of goods between galaxies, Great houses form the congress (Landsraad's) which can block decisions of the Emperor.
In turn the Emperor can put a veto for Landsraad's decision though as a whole it should reckon with Great houses.

Great houses have an absolute power in the houses, it is impossible to do the only thing of that is to create conceiving computers and to apply weapons of mass destruction of against people which are considered as citizens of the Emperor in spite of the fact that are in the fullest power of the Great houses.